We Lead By Serving

Beam of Hope is committed to fulfilling the informational, advisory, and financial needs of its members. To achieve this, we provide an extensive array of services. Our centre has devised a comprehensive approach to assisting our members throughout various stages of business growth and income generation endeavours. This strategy ensures the continual delivery of top-notch services.

Our Best Practices

Financial Services

We extend support to our members through micro-lending across various categories. Additionally, we offer a platform for members to engage in micro-savings.

Training and Mentorship

We offer comprehensive financial business training, fostering knowledge expansion and growth opportunities for startups.


We furnish platforms where startups can access advisory opportunities for business planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and effective documentation reporting.

Our Method of Service Delivery

Our approach to service delivery is rooted in the adaptation of the ASA Bangladesh methodology to suit local market conditions. This methodology draws inspiration from global best practices in microfinance delivery.

ASA Bangladesh earned recognition as the most sustainable microfinance organization and secured the Banking at the Bottom of the Pyramid award from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the esteemed Financial Times in 2008. This distinction aligns with ASA Bangladesh's position as the world's fastest-growing microfinance institution. In 2000, a pioneering technical assistance partnership between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) introduced the ASA approach to Nigeria. This model is currently adopted by approximately 15 institutions.

We lay a significant emphasis on membership and the quality of groups as essential components for achieving sustainable long-term success. The formation of groups is founded on fundamental social and economic criteria, including household income, nutritional well-being, dwelling type, and a commitment to transformative microenterprise activities. These criteria facilitate self-selection in constructing the groups. While the group structure fosters dynamic interactions, swift member access, and healthy competition, it's crucial to underline that the optimal utilization of loan facilities and timely repayment solely rests upon the client's accountability. This principle is strongly highlighted during the pre-loan training phase. This training not only familiarizes clients with the Center's vision, mission, products, eligibility prerequisites, access protocols, loan quantum, repayment choices, but also imparts best practices for judiciously managing and deploying loans.

Consolidated groups are strategically distributed across designated areas and divisions within our branch networks.

Beam of Hope